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Ripple-1; which focuses on Metal cutting services; offer a plethora of benefits, streamlining fabrication processes and ensuring precision and accuracy. With advanced techniques and equipment, they cater to diverse project needs, from simple to intricate designs. From cost-effectiveness to faster turnaround times, metal cutting services empower industries with high-quality, customized solutions.

Ripple - 1

Ripple - 1 
for your needs

The list on the right is not exclusive by any means, feel free to reach out to discuss more about your ideas with our engineers at or pass by at our workshop in Kinyinya (KG 22 Avenue, behind Uno Petroleum station)

Architectural Uses

New Interior & exterior and landscaping design possibilities unlocked. Laminar introduced Perfor-M as an answer to the continuous & growing demand of consumers towards designers and construction companies. With increased capabilities introduced through laminar, not only will companies able to deliver relatively cheaper but also at the fraction of the time 



Discover the perfect fusion of metal and wood in latest boom of bespoke furniture creations. We work with furniture MSMEs that combine these timeless materials to craft unique and stunning pieces that harmonize warmth with industrial elegance. Elevate your space with our personalized designs, where metal and wood meet in perfect harmony.


Events & Signage

Perfor-M brings a customizable element to events branding & set up & Signage & branding in general. Allowing for tailored designs that meet specific needs, while adding modern sophistication and enhancing acoustics, Perfor-M is a one stop center for all events & signage companies.

Book an Appointment

Ready to bring your vision to life? Book a consultation call with us today and let our experts guide you through the process of creating stunning, customized perforated metal designs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your space with unique and personalized designs.

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